POLYCELL Insulation products reflect heat back to it source, maintaining building temperature and protecting it from shock and moisture. POLYCELL Building Insulation Products are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial building applications of all kinds. Our products are second to none in reflecting heat and providing a long lasting barrier against temperatures, humidity, corrosion, oxidization and noise. POLYCELL Insulation is also a very acoustic insulation. It complies with the International Insulation Standards.

POLYCELL Metalized NPE or Aluminum Foil Laminated NPE consist of a layer of metalized foil/aluminum foil laminated on top of NPE Foam, creating an extra layer of thermal insulation and puncture resistance.

Function: Fire-resistant, thermal insulation, sound insulation, anti-shock, moisture-resistant, and lightweight.


Construction Industry

Cold Storage Insulation

Poultry Shed Insulation etc

typically used in roof, wall compartment.

Key Features

CFC or HCFC Free: Helps keep the environment protected

Lightweight: Easy to install

Excellent R-Values: Reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat 

Foil and bubble lamination: Long-lasting barrier against temperatures, humidity, and noise. 

Extra thick foil: For added strength and lasting durability 

Excellent fire properties: Non-flammable material 

Excellent acoustic properties: Sound barrier for quiet peaceful living 

Pliable material: easy to bend and fold.

Make Your Investment Meaningful