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Grow Biz Industries is proud to introduce World’s No. 1 POLYCELL NPE and XPE Foam Products for the first time in Bangladesh by setting a joint-collaboration manufacturing project with POLYCELL KOREA CORPORATION which will definitely open a new dimension in the field of Protective Packaging, Quality Insulation, Construction, Comforter and Cushioning for both local and global market .

POLYCELL - your number one choice for NPE/XPE foam packaging, Insulation, Construction, Comforter and Cushioning Materials. POLYCELL has been providing superior quality products, fast friendly services and all at very reasonable prices. POLYCELL is an international business having factories crossing three continents: America, Australia, and Asia. We manufacture NPE/XPE foam products which use in the field of Packaging, Insulation, Construction, Agriculture, Comforter and Cushioning etc.

Being world’s leading manufacturer in foam products, we understand the importance of environmental protection. We utilize Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin material to produce our products, which is 100% Eco-Friendly, non-toxic, odorless and 100% recyclable. 

Key Features of Our Products

NPE Products are made from 100% Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE): High flexible and perfect for surface protection and cushioning.

CFC or HCFC Free: Helps keep the environment protected

100% Recyclable: Environmentally friendly

Non Abrasive: Will not scratch of damage surface; finely finished surfaces

Lint and Dust free: Will not mark or contaminate products; highly sensitive products

Moisture repellent ( Closed Cell Construction) : Provides superior protection against water, grease and solvents ( below 130° f)

Anti-static: Provides anti-static and cushioning protection while in transit and storage

Excellent R-value: Reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat.

Excellent Fire Properties: Non-flammable material

Pliable Material: Easy to bend and fold

Light Weight: Reduced package weight; lower production and shipping cost

Custom sizes available: Products will fit perfectly and maintain aesthetic value

Interleaving void filling: Provide adequate cushioning protection between products

Film Laminate: Adds rigidity and puncture resistance

Acoustic Rating: Excellent Sound barrier for quite peaceful living. Reducing noise, having an acoustic rating of 64 DB (A) or a reduction of 10-12DB (A). (Note: Testing conducted on 170mm thick concrete slab and a white set ceiling)

Economical: Relatively economical as compared to other products for similar applications

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